Command Line API


$ snowpack --help

snowpack init         Create a new project config file.
snowpack dev          Develop your app locally.
snowpack build        Build your app for production.



# Show helpful info
$ snowpack --help

# Show additional debugging logs
$ snowpack --verbose

# {devOptions: {open: 'none'}}
$ snowpack dev --open none

# {buildOptions: {clean: true/false}}
$ snowpack build --clean
$ snowpack build --no-clean

CLI flags will be merged with (and take priority over) your config file values. Every config value outlined below can also be passed as a CLI flag. Additionally, Snowpack also supports the following flags:

  • --config [path] Set the path to your project config file.
  • --help Show this help.
  • --version Show the current version.
  • --reload Clear the local cache. Useful for troubleshooting installer issues.